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If you have an idea for a session or for another topic you would like to see available, please contact Project REACH at (401) 521-5759 x17.

Qualified Professional Test Counselors (QPTC) Certification
The Rhode Island Department of Health (Department of Health) has redesigned the HIV 101 and CRTS courses to integrate viral hepatitis, STIs, and partner counseling and notification into statewide HIV testing. Since risk behaviors that place clients at risk for HIV are also risks for viral hepatitis and STIs. Integrated testing services, for HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs and other communicable diseases, is seen as an effective and efficient prevention strategy. Department of Health is offering this integrated training to all those in the community seeking Qualified Professional Test Counselor Certification For more information about the requirements for certification, see the Fact Sheet for Qualified Professional Test Counselors.

Payment must accompany the course registration form (unless a course waiver form is applicable).

You MUST mail your application to the following address: Project REACH, 200 Metro Center Boulevard, Unit 10, Warwick, RI 02886. Emails and Faxes will not be accepted.

All individuals planning to attend one of Project REACH courses must submit a registration form; walk-in registrations the day of the course will not be accepted.

The new regulations from the Department of Health require that participants complete all the certification requirements with passing grades and proof of attendance. If you will not be able to attend the training with a full commitment to the time requirements, re-schedule for another training time. Participants, who arrive more than 15 minutes late or leave more than 15 minutes early, will NOT be awarded certificates of completion for the course. Attendance will be taken throughout the course. Therefore, when you are registering for a course, please make sure that you can be present at ALL of the sessions.

All registration must be submitted with the required deposit fees, unless the student has applied for and received a fee waiver. Project REACH will not accept faxed registrations.



Integrated Communicable Diseases 101
(Prerequisite to the Qualified Professional Test Counselor Training)
January 16th and January 17th
8:30am- 4:30pm
Two day training -- Instructed by Philip Kane

Qualified Professional Test Counselor
January 29th, January 30th, and January 31st
9:00am to 5:00pm
Three day training -- Instructed by Alfred Forbes

Both courses will be located at the
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Association of Rhode Island
200 Metro Center Blvd., Unit 10
Warwick RI 02886

Past Course Listings

Project REACH will offer the following courses:

Integrated Communicable Disease 101 (ICD 101)

  • 8:30am - 4:30pm
    (maximum participants 20)
    $40.00 deposit required with registration
    Offered in English in Spanish
  • The Introduction to Integrated Communicable Disease course is designed to introduce community base substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention programs to an integrated model for HIV/AIDS, STI and Viral Hepatitis. This course is a pre-requisite for the Qualified Professional HIV Test Counselors Certification required by the Department of Health for all community and health care based test counselors (who are not licensed physician, nurses or medical students under a physician.).  This course is also a requirement for staff at programs funded by the Office of HIV/AIDS & Viral Hepatitis.

ICD 101 Exemption Test

  • If you have basic knowledge of HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs and are intending to take the 3-day QPTC Course, you can take this exam and, if you are able to pass, you will not need to take the 2-day ICD 101 course. If you are not able to pass this exam, you will need to take ICD 101 course prior to taking the 3-day QPTC course.

3 Day Qualified Professional Test Counselor  Course (QPTC)

  • 8:30am - 4:30pm
    (maximum participants 20)
    $40.00 deposit required with registration
    Offered in English and Spanish
  • Target Audience:
    The target audience for this three-day course are individuals NOT trained as test counselors prior to 5-1-2010 and non-medical and non-nursing staff seeking to perform HIV testing in their agencies.  Successful completion of the course fulfills the QPTC training requirement for certification.
  • Prerequisites:
    Participants must have completed Integrated Communicable Disease 101 - or an equivalent course, within the past 2 years and must be performing HIV and viral hepatitis CTR as part of their job duties, or planning to do so immediately upon course completion.  Individuals wishing to exempt out of ICD 101 must successfully complete a written pre-test on Integrated Communicable Disease prior to being accepted into the training.

    Approved for 21 contact hours towards the Qualified Professional Test Counselor certification, upon successful completion of a written exam with a minimum score of 80%, and passing the QPTC Practicum.

1 Day Booster Qualified Professional Test Counselor

  • 8:30am - 4:30 pm
    (maximum participants 28)
    $40.00 deposit required with registration
  • Target Audience:
    Previously trained test counselors (trained prior to 5-1-2010).
    NOTE: The status for all previously trained test counselors will expire on March 31, 2011. Currently practicing test counselors seeking to be certified as a QPTC must complete the one-day Booster or 3-day QPTC course.
  • Prerequisites:
    Participants must provide documentation of six (6) HIV and viral hepatitis counseling and testing contact hours to Department of Health when you submit your application to become a QPTC.  If you do not have six (6) contact hours by the time you submit your application to the Department of Health, your application will be returned to you.  In addition, you must successfully complete a written pre-test on Integrated Communicable Disease prior to being accepted into the training. This course provides an update for Rhode Island CTR services, including the 8 Steps of QPTC.

    Approved for 7 contact hours towards HIV testing and counseling certification, upon successful completion of the state exam –minimum score of 80%, and passing the QPTC Practicum.

    Note: The contact hours you receive in this class do not count towards the aforementioned six (6) contact hours need for your application.

Pharmaceutical Assist Program Training/Information Sharing Forum

  • The target audience for this unique capacity building training shall focus upon HIV prevention program, testing and care providers as well as HIV consumers, so a better understanding of the resources that are available regarding pharmacy assistance programs is achieved. Representatives from various pharmaceutical companies will present and discuss their assistance programs. This is a must for people who want to know more about pharmacy assistance programs and how to enroll in them. Please complete a Project REACH registration form for this training.


Cancellations and Cancellation Policy
The Project REACH Coordinator will cancel trainings with low enrollments one week prior to the scheduled course.

Please contact Project REACH if you are unable to attend any training into which you have been accepted, with at least two (2) business days notice. Should an unforeseen emergency arise that forces us to cancel or postpone a training, we will make every effort to notify you. In the event of inclement weather, cancellation of courses will be recorded on DATA's answering machine at 521-5759.

Questions ...
If you have any questions regarding REACH trainings, please contact the REACH coordinator at 401-521-5759, ext. 117 prior to enrolling, or email

Acceptance Policy
Please Note: REACH will require a $40.00 deposit. Upon Completion of the course funded Department of Health students/Agencies will be reimbursed their deposit. NO refund will be issued if the student does not cancel with two (2) business days notice and does not complete the course. Deposit fee waivers are available for individuals who are not funded through Department of Health and demonstrate financial hardship. However, if a student is granted a fee waiver, and he or she does not attend the course, then they will not be eligible to receive any future deposit fee waivers from REACH. Deposits must accompany your course application form in order to be accepted.

Students Applications with deposit fees are accepted on a first come, first served basis. All prerequisites, if any, must be documented prior to final acceptance. Once we have reached capacity for an individual training, we will maintain a waiting list and contact applicants by phone to notify them of late acceptance. If you have not received notification of your acceptance into a particular course, please call Project REACH at 521-5759 ext. 117. HIV contractors of Department of Health receive priority acceptance.

Letters of Completion
Letters of Completion are awarded to individuals who attend all portions of the training and pass the post test with a score of 80% of better. Participants who attended all portions of the training and score less than 80% will receive a letter of attendance.  Participants who miss any portion of the training will not receive a letter of attendance.

Course Locations

  • AHEC Woonsocket - 1 Cumberland Street, Woonsocket, RI
  • Amica Mutual Insurance - 100 Amica Way (Building 100), Lincoln RI 02865
  • DATA of Rhode Island - 200 Metro Center Blvd - Unit 10, Warwick, RI
  • Progresso Latino - 626 Broad Street, Central Falls, RI

Directions to DATA of RI
200 Metro Center Blvd - Unit 10, Warwick, RI 02886
Interactive Google Map

Please bring your own lunch or be prepared to purchase lunch locally. There are many restaurants located near the Project REACH office.

Course Levels
In order to provide you with training experiences that meets your expectations, we offer course levels for most trainings. Please do not apply for trainings, if your background is inappropriate for the level of the course.

  • Entry Level: Beginners in the HIV field, or new to subject area.
  • Intermediate: Individuals with less than 5 years experience.
  • Advanced: Individuals with more than 5 years experience, with at least 1 year in a supervisory capacity.


  • Alfred L. Forbes is a Boston-based consultant with A. L. Forbes Consulting Services. He has worked in various roles in the health service field for over 15 years and has conducted workshops nationally for the past 8 years.
  • Jeremy Holman, PhD is a Senior Consultant at John Snow, Inc., and has over eight years experience in the HIV/AIDS field. Since 2005, Dr. Holman has managed JSI's National Data Technical Assistance Center and has worked with state and local projects to improve HIV service delivery. Before joining JSI, Dr. Holman was Executive Director of Boston AIDS Consortium (BAC),a local CBO that provided HIV planning, capacity building, and TA services to enable minority CBOs in Massachusetts to implement effective HIV care and prevention programs for people of color, and to support the Boston EMA Planning Council. An experienced trainer, Dr. Holman specializes in comprehensive planning, evaluating HIV/AIDS services, developing and implementing needs assessments and other community studies, maximizing PLWH consumer involvement, developing standards of care and other quality management methods. In addition to his work at JSI, Dr. Holman is also an adjunct instructor at Lesley University where he teaches world geography.
  • Lucille Minuto, RN, BSN, MEd, is the Assistant Administrator at the Office of HIV/AIDS & Viral Hepatitis at the Rhode Island Department of Health. She has been a public health educator in a variety of community and academic settings before coming to the Department of Health in 1995. Most of her public health work has been in the area of human sexuality, substance use prevention and HIV. She has been teaching a course on Human Sexuality at a local college since the 1980's.
  • Shannon Spurlock, MA is the Project Director of the Rhode Island HIV/AIDS Prevention Evaluation Project for John Snow, Inc., and has over fifteen years experience in the prevention field and six years of HIV/AIDS prevention evaluation experience. Ms. Spurlock has trained and worked with RI HEALTH funded HIV/AIDS Prevention vendors to build evaluation capacity through the development process and outcome measures and logic models. She also serves as the evaluation consultant for the RICPG.


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